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Application of vanadium
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One of the most important industrial uses of vanadium is its inclusion in the making of steel alloys. Vanadium steel uses the strength, toughness and anti-corrosive properties that vanadium adds to it. This steel(ferrovanadium) is used to make special tools and equipment. The equipment is used in cars for gears, crank shafts, pipes and tubes in the chemical industry, etc.

Since vanadium has the ability to repel neutrons and also due to its strong internal structure, it is used in nuclear reactors during nuclear fission experiments. It is also used to extract pure uranium for nuclear testing experiments.

Vanadium is highly rust resistant. This is the reason why it is used in making different springs, tools and heavy industry equipment.

One of the vanadium homeopathy uses is, that vanadium metallicum acts as a carrier of oxygen and also as a catalyst. It uses the oxygen that it carries, to mix with toxins, thus weakening them and ultimately destroying them, thus protecting the body from diseases. It also helps to increase the hemoglobin level of blood. Some studies have shown that doses of vanadyl sulfate help in lowering the blood sugar level of people suffering from type 2 diabetes. It also acts as an effective homeopathy remedy for ailments like anorexia nervosa, gastro-intestinal disorders, liver and artery degeneration. Also in cases of cough, dry nose and other related problems.

Vanadium's most widely used compound is vanadium pentoxide. The ceramic industry, glass industry, etc. benefit from vanadium pentoxide uses. Vanadium is also mixed with gallium to manufacture superconductive magnets.

Other applications of Vanadium refer to:

? Dyeing and synthetic fabrics use vanadium. Vanadium acts as a mordant, the agent to fix the color on the fabric.

? Titanium alloys used in rockets also has vanadium uses for strengthening.

? Vanadium acts a catalyst in several chemical reaction in industries, for producing sulfuric acid, synthetic rubber, etc.

? Vanadium is also used in aluminum alloys to increase their resistance to heat.

? Vanadium is sometimes used as a material for X-rays to be discharged at.

? In the early stages of tuberculosis, vanadium acts as tonic for easy digestion.

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